Emma’s Place Inc. works to help the homeless in many capacities. From providing them with food to helping them get back into the workforce, Emma’s Place Inc. is committed to helping those who have found themselves in difficult life situations in the Atlanta Georgia area.

First, we work to ensure that the homeless are obtaining necessary nutrition. To do so, we provide them with meals. Once this primary need is met, we can work with them to find a safe place to live. Everyone needs a place to go, to protect them from the elements and to keep them physically free from harm. Once fed and given shelter, we work alongside the individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Several training opportunities exist to help individuals develop the skills and confidence necessary for them to obtain employment. We will work alongside each person to help them with the struggles that can come along with transitioning from homeless to being a part of the workforce, ensuring that it is a positive step, not overwhelming.

If you are in the Atlanta, GA area and are in need of food, shelter, or would like to learn more about the training opportunities that exist to help you succeed, visit Emma’s Place Inc. today. We are ready and willing to help you make the steps necessary to help you through this life event.

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