Mentoring Programs

Did you know that one in three young adults will grow up without having a constant adult presence in their life? Without a secure adult connection, a child will have no one to turn to when they need to know someone cares about them. They struggle with how to deal with the challenges they face in everyday life. They may turn to their peers with how to address emotions and feelings, and may never really have a grasp about how to deal with those feelings appropriately.

A young adult who is mentored experiences many, research confirmed benefits. In one study performed by the Big Brothers Big Sisters programs, children who benefitted from the presence of a mentor are:

46% less likely to join their peers in the use of illegal drugs
27% less likely than their peers to begin drinking.

Emmas Place Inc. believes in the research done and wants to make a difference in the lives of Atlanta’s youth. By providing children who would not otherwise have an active presence in their life with a stable adult mentor, they are helping children to understand that there are people who believe in them. Mentors help them to work through the many feelings and emotions they have and advise them on how to handle them appropriately. By offering them an adult presence who can help with the challenges that youth face, they can assist in helping these children be successful in their day to day life.